Franco Moriconi President & Founder

Energy Technologist and Power Expert.  Over 20 years of engineering and management experience.  Developed and deployed grid-scale flow batteries.  In a 10 year tenure at ABB, developed innovative power products and high-speed motor technology.  Managed the development of superconducting power products, and worked closely with US Utilities and DOE in testing-installing superconducting fault-current limiters. Holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley


Max Ghirlanda Co-founder

Materials Engineer and Entrepreneur. Since 1992, Managing Director and then CEO of Euroguarco, an Italian corporation with over 100 employees worldwide, learer in the field of sealing and insulating materials, valve & piping products.  Since 2013, Chairman of Energy Srl, EoT Solutions partner, active in energy management business.  A graduate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Genova, holds a MS in Materials Science and Engineering from UC Berkeley.  Prior to devoting to corporate business, worked as material scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Nations Laboratory

Cristiano Ghirlanda Co-founder

Entrepreneur with Worldwide Business Development expertise.  Managing Director of Euroguarco, an Italian corporation with over 100 employees worldwide, founded in 1958 and leader in the field of sealing, insulating materials and valve & piping products. Started the valve and piping division of Euroguarco in 1994, focusing on the energy and oil & gas industry.  Since 1992 have led all international projects overseas, in Africa, Middle East, Central America, Asia: refinery, pipeline, power plant, gas treatment plant, civil construction, shipyard and more.  MBA from the University of Parma, Italy


Yilin Yuan Co-founder

Industry Leader and Executive.  Over 25 years experience in Executive Management of large manufacturing companies.  Strong engineer background and extensive international business experience.  Leading expert in the fields of graphite material, sealing and membrane, automation processes, optimization, and new product development.  Expert in thermal management and energy efficiency. Holds a BS from BUAA, and a MS from Kedge AEMBA

Andrea Taffurelli CTO Energy Srl


Davide Tinazzi CEO Energy Srl